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FLAMRO KMO firestop mortar


For cable penetration seals

Technical approval: Z-19.15-2024

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Product Description

Pumpable firestop mortar for wall and floor/ceiling penetrations, designed for protection of single and bunched electrical cables (including optical fibre cables) – without restrictions imposed on each cable’s overall conductor cross-section – as well as of their supporting structures (cable troughs, trays and ladders) made of steel. aluminium or plastics, as well as for the protection of combustible and non-combustible pipes, conduits for electrical lines as well as Heliflex air-dielectric coaxial cables.

Areas of applicationSpecial benefits

In all fire-rated:

  • walls (masonry, concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete) ≥ 100 mm;

max. seal size: H = 200 cm, W = 100 cm or H = 100 cm, W = 200 cm

  • floors/ceilings (concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete ≥ 150 mm;

max. seal size: W = 100 cm, L =  ∞


  • Easy seal installation without any formwork thanks to the mortar’s special consistency;
  • No additional coating required;
  • The mortar can be applied either manually or with a pump;
  • The seal is coatable with screed-compatible aqueous emulsion paint;
  • Routing of non-combustible pipes up to an outside diameter of 159 mm, copper up to 88.9 mm;
  • Routing of combustible pipes up to 160 mm (use of firestop collars required);
  • Routing of conduits for electrical lines made of steel of plastics up to max. 63 cm;
  • Heliflex air-dielectric coaxial cables;
  • Only small working space required.

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8 kg bucket, 20 kg sack

Areas of application

In all fire rated walls, floors and ceilings