Building materials and building fire resistance in accordance with DIN EN 13501 and DIN 4102

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Although the classification in accordance with European standards of the “Fire resistance classification of construction products and building elements” is not directly applicable to national symbols, in Latvian building standards are found such a terms as non-flammable, hard flammable and flammable.

The comparison of fire reaction classes designations used in European standards and national building standards shown in the table below.  


Designation in Latvian building supervison Designation according to DIN EN 13501 Designation according to DIN 4102
Non-flammable A1 A1
Hard flammable A2 – s1 d0 A2
Hard flammable B, C – s1 d0

A2, B, C – s2 d0

A2, B, C – s3 d0

A2, B, C – s1 d1

A2, B, C – s1 d2

A2, B, C – s3 d2

Normal flammable D – s1 d0

D – s2 d0

D – s3 d0

D – s1 d2

D – s2 d2

D – s3 d2


E – d2

Flammable F B3


Additional construction material classification designations according to DIN EN 13501:

s – smoke generation and development

d – burning droplet occurrence

New innovative fire safety foam system

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In addition to its outstanding technical fire safety properties, the new ZZ penetration seal foam 2K NE is particularly characterised by its easy processing. It can be used as a mixed penetration seal (EI90), as well as a pure cable penetration seal (EI90/EI120).
The optimal coordination of the beginning of the reaction and hardening enables sufficiently long work interruptions for the user, as well as fast work progress.
Thanks to the high viscosity, the user does not have to deal with foam running out of the penetration seal. After hardening, the permanently elastic structure of the penetration seal enables easy reconfiguration.

Easy reconfiguration
As is the case with all products from ZAPPZIMMERMANN, after hardening, the permanently elastic structure of the penetration seal enables multiple reconfigurations and thus significantly contributes to the profitability of the systems. It can be cut by knife, smoothed with a brush and painted.

Single product solution
To achieve EI90, other than ZZ penetration seal foam 2K NE, no additional material components or work steps are necessary toproduce a permanent and reliable fire safety penetration seal.

Fast and clean work
Through use of the new cordless DynamicMax 380 ml cartridge gun, multiple cartridges can be quickly and conveniently processed in succession. The casing tape is outstandingly suited as a casing aid for ZZ-Brandschutzschaum 2K NE (two component penetration seal foam). The high quality adhesive tape can be torn off by hand and consists of PP with a watertight coated fabric.

It could not be easier – System Armaflex Protect!

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We are happy to inform you that since June 2014 we are exclusive partner in Baltic States for Armacell Fire protection product range.

The combination of proven properties of Armaflex with an intumescent, fireproof component has resulted in a new product – Armaflex Protect. Two in one – fire protection and insulation – single pipe sealing in fireproof walls and ceilings with System Armaflex Protect ensures fire resistance class from EI30 to EI120.

Suitable solution for hot / cold water, heating and refrigeration systems:

    • non-combustible pipes up to 326 mm diameter;
    • combustible pipes up to 75 mm diameter.

An effective way to restrict energy losses, prevent condensation and the consequent risks of mold growth and pipe corrosion. More information and available types of Armaflex Protect you can find here.


Plan and make calculations!

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If you have not registered in BIMEX system, this is the right time to become a user and use all benefits of registered user!

We would like to introduce you to one of the benefits- CALCULATION FORM* – with help of this tool you will be able to plan ahead required amounts of materials in your projects.

*Currently calculation forms available only for Zapp-Zimmermann products. 



We are working with the best

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Bimex exclusively represents in the Baltic States the leading companies in Europe for fire protective penetration sealing materials of all media like Zapp-Zimmermann and Flamro. Our suppliers are producing and developing,  penetration sealing materials and solutions since more than 35 years.

All the products Bimex offers are certified due to European standards either ETA and/or DiBt so that you always fulfil building law and Fire and Rescue Board requirements without hesitation and delay in performance of your duties.