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FLAMRO BS 60|1 firestop panel S90


Technical approval: Z-19.15-1635

For BS-2 panels of S 90

Coated on one side 1000 x 625 x 60 mm

1 panel = 0.625 m²

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Product Description

Panel seal (soft seal) for wall and floor/ceiling penetrations, designed for the protection of both single and bunched electrical lines and cables (including optical fibre cables) – without restrictions imposed on each cable’s overall conductor cross-section – as well as of their supporting structures (cable troughs, trays and ladders) made of steel, aluminium or plastics.


Areas of applicationSpecial benefits

In all fire-rated

  • walls (masonry |  concrete | autoclaved aerated concrete | lightweight partitions ≥ 100 mm)
    max. seal size: H = 200 cm, B  = 100 cm
  • floors/ceilings (concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete ≥ 150 mm)
    max. seal size: W = 60 cm, L  =  ∞


  • The coating can be applied by spraying, brushing or trowelling
  • No dripping, clean work area
  • Easy installation and retrofitting
  • Approved for lightweight partitions
  • Outside the seal area, cable coating is required over a length of only 20 cm for wall applications and over a length of 15 cm for floor/ceiling applications
  • Coatable with aqueous emulsion paint
  • The seal is suitable for installation in both vacuum and pressurised chambers
  • Coating overlap with the building component is not required
  • Installation can be accomplished from one side because the adjacent building component does not require coating
  • The material is resistant to moisture and UV rays

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