AIR FIRE TECH FIREREV access doors are produced by special technology under the general construction regulations. Depending on the fire resistance class, access doors are able to withstand sustained fire and smoke distribution.

All FIREREV products are fully EU (ETA) certified and revision doors construction complies with the ÖNORM EN 13501 standards. Fire protective access doors meet the fire resistance class EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120, and, optionally, they are available with smoke, dust and air-tight assembly.

Access doors are available in standard sizes ranging from 200×200 to 600×600 mm, custom sizes are also available, from 800 mm to 1200 mm. It offers the usual decorative and gypsum access doors, which are specially painted or powder coated in RAL9016.

Fire protective access doors are available in a variety of ways:

  • with a removable or screw cover;
  • with/without lock;
  • with a variety of security systems: a hidden closure, pivot hinges, magnetic closure;
  • etc.



After numerous successful fire tests Fire Air Tech has a European Technical Approval (ETA) for the fire protection COLLARS RORCOL V30, V60 and AV60 and now can identify the products with the CE mark for international use. According to the EN13501-2 all types reach classifications EI120 / EI90 U / U (open / open tested) with combustible pipes and EI120 / EI90 U / C (open / closed tested) with aluminum composite pipes, with non-combustible pipes and electrical lines. Thereby application faults are mostly avoided.

Air Fire Tech Fire protection collars RORCOL are unique because of the possibility of unilaterally open assembly (Ω Omega-application) and the currently most extensive range of applications. RORCOL ensures maximum safety even when one side installed in shaft walls, wooden ceilings, EPS lightweight concrete (PROTTELITH) and various soft seal systems.