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FLAMRO N III IWM plus lenta – pašlīmējoša


FLAMRO N III IWM plus wrap – selfadhesive

10.000 x 50 x 2 mm

EI 90 / 120 according to EN 13501 (U/U)
EI 240 according to EN 13501 (U/C)

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Product Description

The FLAMRO System IWM III plus consists of the high performance intumescent material, which is wrapped in one or more layers around the plastic pipe or the insulation. The wrap must be inserted into the annular gap flush with the surface. In the event of a fire, the intumescent material expands with high pressure and thus seals the opening hermetically against flames and smoke. For wall installations one wrap on each side of the wall and for ceiling installations one wrap on the underside of the ceiling must be provided.


Area of ApplicationSpecial benefits
  • Sealing of plastic pipes up to max. 160 mm outside diameter in solid walls, max. 110 mm outside diameter in drywall partitions and max. 160 mm outside diameter in solid ceilings
  • Suitable for insulated and uninsulated plastic pipes, sound-isolated wastewater pipes and multi-layer pipes


  • Only one product for a wide range of pipes
  • Zero distance at adjacent pipes possible (Measurement between the wraps possible)
  • Easy and excellent usability
  • Flexibel and easy installation
  • No tools necessary

Additional Information

Fire resistance class

EI120, EI240