New innovative fire safety foam system

The optimal coordination of the beginning of the reaction and hardening enables sufficiently long work interruptions for the user, as well as fast work progress. Thanks to the high viscosity, the user does not have to deal with foam running out of the penetration seal. After hardening, the permanently elastic structure of the penetration seal enables easy reconfiguration.


System ZZ-Fire protection block 200 NE

The ZZ-foam block NE is a soft, flexible foam molding, which is used in several systems. Seal openings remaining close to the ZZ-vacuum stone. After opening the foil of the ZZ-vacuum brick expands to the default size. As additional protection against moisture, the ZZ-shaped parts can be coated on site with standard silicone or alternatively be ordered as an silicone-coated components.


System ZZ-Fire protection plug NE

The ZZ-fire plug NE is a soft, flexible foam molding, which is used in the “System ZZ-plug NE”.
Temporary and permanent fire barriers of electric cables and wires of all types and diameters.